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Danish Smørrebrød party! 🤩🇩🇰🍺

Have you tried Smørrebrød? 😉 It's small open sandwiches made of Danish Rye bread, and topped with lots of Danish delicacies.

I made this yesterday in collaboration, fun to make but I didn't realize all the work behind... 🥵🤭 But OMG they were totally worth the sweat! So delicious! 🤤

I made some of the most popular ones...

1. Pickled herrings - butter, herrings@kladesholmenseafood, onions, shives, caper berries and onion sprouts. 🐟

2. Pickled herrings in curry - butter, pickled herrings marinated in mayo, sourcream, pickles, onions, apple and curry. Topped with onions, shives and capers berries. 🐟

3. Shrimps and egg - butter, salad, shrimps@royalgreenlandsverige, aïoli, boiled egg, dill, and a slice of lemon. 🦐🥚

4. Smoked salmon - butter, salad, smoked salmon@fiskrokeriet_butiken, horseradish cream, onions and a slice of lemon. 🐟

5. Potato - butter, boiled potatoes, radish, sourcream, onions, fried onions and chips. 🥔

6. Roast-beef - butter, salad, roast-beef (Swedish tenderloin,@citygross), remoulade sauce, shives, fried onions, pickles and a cherry tomato. 🥩

7. Tartar - butter, beef tartar (used the same tenderloin as for the roast-beef, topped with onions, capers berries and chips. 🥩

8. Liver pâté - butter, salade, liver pâté@tulipsverige, pickles, pickled beetroot and mushrooms, topped with onions sprouts. 🐷

They were all so delicious, which one would you have preferred? 😉

All the ingredients comes from@swedishness.chexcept for the greens! 🙏

Paired with 🇨🇭Artisinal beer, Lisbeth (sounds Scandinavian😅) an amazing beer, and of course "den lille" the small icecold 🇩🇰 aquavit.


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