We Scandinavians have an eternal love story ♡ with Nature, and so many of our traditions are intrinsically connected to our waters, mountains, fields and forest

We ardently believe that a Culture is best expressed by its food and surrounding traditions. Something we can't live without, and therefore deem essential. At the same time, we want to make sure that we reduce and hopefully in the near future offer the possibility to offset your purchase completely.

We could have just added an app to do carbon offset, but since we genuinely are interested. We took in an advisor to help us calculate, educate us and help us navigate thru this sometimes very confusing subject. 

Our 3 Principles:

1. We love the Extraordinary. We not only strive to offset 100% of your purchase, our goal is to be net positive. 

We know this is a lofty goal or perhaps unattainable, but we are Scandinavians so we have to try…

2. We won’t take the easy path. We are genuinely and passionately interested, and we will go out of our way to respect, learn and understand this subject. We will weigh all our decisions on a gold balance, particularly regarding which carbon offset projects to support.

3. We will share and inspire. We will not only be transparent with how we calculate and use the proceeds, but we also want to share our journey with the hopes that this will inspire you to do more.

Carbon Offsets:

In our world, it is still challenging for any organization to provide their good or services without releasing greenhouse gases, most commonly carbon dioxide (CO2), into the atmosphere. 

In an ideal scenario, to get to net-zero emissions, all businesses should strive to reduce as much as possible their direct and indirect emissions (shifting away from fossil fuels in their plants and transportation, sourcing more sustainable raw materials, increase energy efficiency...). This is a process, and sometimes not entirely possible....and that’s where carbon offsets come into the picture. 

Carbon offsets are a mechanism that allows companies (or anyone) to balance out their remaining carbon emissions by investing in projects that either remove carbon from the atmosphere or avoid emitting it in the first place. 

But not all credits at the same. It is of utmost importance to buy high-quality carbon offsets. These credits are verified by reliable third party organizations that monitor their performance and also guarantees that one ton can only be purchased once.

That said, carbon offsetting is just the start of our commitment towards our environment. But we want to do more, and think bigger. Our dream? Make all our deliveries using electric Tesla trucks!  


We want to be transparent in how we price our emissions so that you can feel confident about your offsetting choice. 

Very simple, the purchase of one carbon offset credit represents one ton of CO2 emissions avoided or removed from the atmosphere somewhere else. That said, any efforts in offsetting emissions starts by adequately calculating how much carbon emissions your activities generate (directly and indirectly) and converting them in the equivalent of carbon offset credits you need to buy.

Offsetting our Transportation:

This calculation was based on the emissions generated by transporting our orders from our fulfilment center in the south of Sweden to our collection point in Switzerland. Each delivery, from a truck exclusively used for our orders, emits nearly 2 tons of carbon, considering the trucks’ weight, fuel efficiency, and distance driven.

Our final offset cost corresponds to the purchase of 2 high-quality carbon avoidance credits plus a fraction of carbon removal credits. We divide this cost by our average number of orders per delivery to arrive at the value proposed at checkout. 100% of the proceed from your contribution will go to carbon offset projects.

Our last-mile delivery emissions (from our collection point to your doorstep) are already being offset by our partner Die Post.

Offsetting our Goods & Packaging:

We are excited to soon be able to take our efforts one step further and offer you the possibility to offset your full order at checkout! When the time comes, we will update this section with more details of these calculations.

How We Offset:

Every month we will take all carbon offsetting contributions and choose a project to support by buying carbon credits to compensate for our transportation emissions. We guaranty all our projects follow the highest standards of certifications of the market. To start with, we have chosen Gold Standard and Climeworks.

Gold Standard: Was established in 2003 by WWF and other international NGOs to ensure projects that reduced carbon emissions featured the highest levels of environmental integrity and also contributed to sustainable development. Gold Standard has so far taken part in reducing 173 Million Tons of CO2E. Read more

Climeworks: A fascinating Swiss project that is extracting CO2 directly from the air, this is awesome, and there aren’t many other initiatives like this yet. The problem right now is that this technology is extremely expensive, but the only way to make it cheaper is for people to support it early on. That’s why we decided to support this initiative on a monthly basis, even if it is just a little. Read more

Only if you want

At the checkout you will have the option to either offset the transportation of your goods or not. 

If you, for whatever reason, choose to not offset, we will do it for you and pay for it.

How does it work? It's simple, just choose your shipping option!


1. We will start with the checkout option to offset the CO2 emissions connected with the transportation of your order. 100% of all the proceed will go to carbon offset projects.

2. If you choose to not offset, we will do it for you and pay for it.

3. Our plan is to soon offer an option to offset your whole purchase 

We are making our small company a little more sustainable because we care about our environment, especially in later years when it is impossible not to see the effects of climate change. We also aspire to be a modern company, and we believe being climate sustainable is just as normal as being profitable.

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- Team Swedishness