Kungälv Rökeri is our new supplier for Top Quality smoked salmon, both hot and cold. Not sure about the difference between them? Keep reading...
In the culinary world, Kingfish is prized for its firm texture and rich flavour, which also makes it very versatile, great for grilling, pan-roasting, or even raw in sashimi. The citrus and chilli glaze adds a vibrant zing...
The Gotlandic Star Pastry-Chef responsible for the Nobel Price Dinner's Dessert for two years in a row, Conrad Tyrsén is behind the bakery BAK
Malmö Chokladfabrik- Award winning, nut free, gluten free, soy free chocolate from Sweden. Established in 1888, Malmo specialise in single origin and fine blend chocolate and often using organic ingredients.
A decade ago, Kolsvart began as a quest to create the best café in Malmö. Despite the financial challenges and wandering in the dark, a new dream was born. "Kolsvart," meaning pitch black in Swedish, became the symbol of this transformation.

A Century-Old Trade: The Gothenburg Fish Auction


The Gothenburg Fish Auction isn't just a marketplace; it's a testament to the rich culinary and cultural heritage of Gothenburg, Sweden. Situated in the heart of Fiskhamnen, this auction has been the backbone of the seafood trade for over 100 years.

Fresh Frozen Fish & Seafood: The Guarantee of Ultimate Quality
Finding truly fresh fish seafood can be extremely challenging. We are now proud to announce we have partnered with a reputable supplier - with a legacy of over 140 years - to bring the absolute premium fish and seafood from Scandinavia and the world
Faroe Island Farmed Salmon has journeyed from the immaculate seas of the Faroe Islands to the global culinary stage, not just as a participant, but as an unparalleled leader in flavor and quality.
We're excited to introduce you to Björk & Magnusson, a trusted distributor with a remarkable legacy dating back to 1878. For over 140 years, they've been synonymous with quality and taste in the seafood industry.