Our Why...

A Scandinavian Appetite

First of all if you are reading this, you are our favourite kind of people, you care about connections, we do too...

The Beginning

Well, we are a Corona Baby. Seeing the world spiral out of control, we realized how much we were in the hands of the companies we were working for. At the same time, in the middle of all the craziness, we found moments to reflect, to consider what was truly important and significant in our lives. This led to an awakening, and like most awakenings, we woke up with an enormous appetite; an appetite not only for the cozy food from our childhoods, but also for some brain food. We wanted to feed our Brains, but also our Souls…

So we started Swedishness, because we were so damn hungry!  

"What's For Dinner?"

We don't believe in the ordinary, actually we are allergic to ordinary. We stand firm to our motto that “if something is worth doing, it's worth making it Extraordinary”. 

The Second Thing: We Never Want to Be Boring

We don’t want to find ourselves lost between the isles of boring Supermarkets, looking for that sunken idea of "what's for dinner tonight"; losing our minds and, most importantly, our time, to only find the same old Port full of the Usual, Ordinary and Boring.

So we had to create an online store full of Scandinavian goods. Yes, mostly Swedish - we are working on it… - treats, delicacies and exciting food. We now offer over 1000 products for the US market and 1600+ products for the European markets. 

And we are not stopping there! If you have any products you are craving for, don’t hesitate to tell us, and we will do our best to source them for you. 

Our 'Life is Too Short' Policy

At Swedishness, we firmly believe that life is too short for anything less than Extraordinary. 

Our commitment to you extends beyond just providing quality products - we promise an Extraordinary Customer Experience from beginning to end. 

And should anything go wrong with your delivery, rest assured that our 'Life is Too Short' policy has you covered. We will refund you right away, no questions asked, because your satisfaction is something we care about! To be honest, in this business, sometimes things will go wrong...But it's not about the bad that happens, it's how we choose to react to it, and our firm choice is always REFUND! 

You, and your time, is very precious for us.

Not Just Food...Our Newsletter, Blog and Coming Podcast?! 

We don't like to be boxed in, placed in one department, and sold by the kilo. 

We are more than a food store, we love to promote all things Scandinavian - we call it New Scandinavian. 

For us, being Scandinavian isn't about Ethnicity, where you live in the world, or where you were born; for us it's a State of Mind and anyone is welcome to join. 

We are proud Scandinavians, and believe Scandinavian is all about caring about our beautiful world, always looking for that minimalistic aesthetics, nourishing a fascination for the new, being open, and of course, enjoying amazing food.  

Finally, What We Ask From You…

So our Dear customer, “pretty please with sugar, cinnamon and also a tiny bit of salt flakes on top”, if we could only ask you to…

Visit us regularly. We are always trying to add new products to our shop. Also, you will notice that some of our products are very competitively priced in comparison to regular shops, specially our amazing range of Fish & Seafood (for EU customers only). To end, we love spoiling our regular customers, so if we see you very often, wait for some nice treats ; )

Tell as many of your friends about us. Everything starts with a dream…We already took the first steps, but we truly need you to help us achieve our dream of growing Swedishness into a wide platform for all the delicious, beautiful, feel-good and innovative things Scandinavian - and deliver them to the world!

Now you know Our Why...Hungry? 

- Team Swedishness