The World’s most fun and frictionless way to earn Store Credits and Get some Free Delicious Löjrom...


Login, Create Code - Get 10 Store Credits

Your Personal Invitation Code, make sure to make it memoroble and why not fun!

Share The Code

Since you created your own code, it does't get easier to share, either at that next party, on your FB or Instagram or why not send it in that Parents Chat Group...hehehe...

Give 30, Earn 30 And Get Kalix Löjrom

Manage to invite and get 3 new customers to Swedishness and you will get 500 grams of Kalix Löjrom and a Special Extra Gift...

It's never been easier to recommend us and Earn Store Credits

Just create a Personal Invitation Code, Like "Pussgurka" and then just tell your friends to use this code when they place an order with us...

Frequently asked questions

Can I really create my own Invitation Code and it can be whatever I want?

Yes, you can create whatever code you want as long as someone else hasn't also created one already. So HURRY ANNA...if you want Anna as your invitation code...

Do I get 30 store credits and my friend get 30 also?

Yes, if someone uses your personal invitation code, and that person isn't already known to us, you will get 30 store credits for your next order, depending of the country you live in.

Can I invite people from other countries?

Yes, for example if you live in Switzerland, you can share your personal invitation code with someone in the US.

Is correct that I get 10 Store Credits for creating a Personal Invitation Code?


Can I share my Personal Invitation Code on Social Media?

Yes, that's a great idea!

Why are you doing this?

We rather give our customers Store Credits and Löjrom than giving money to Facebook and Instagram...

Do I really get a Kalix Löjrom?

Yes! If you manage to invite 3 new customers/friends to Swedishness. Of course they need to place their first purchase with us and they need to be new to us.

Get us 3 new fresh Customers....

We have a very special gift beside the Kalix Löjrom 500g...we call it the Northern Lights Status

Get us 3 new fresh Customers....