Scandinavia Directly To Your Doorstep! 

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We ship to the following markets: Germany, Austria, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Finland, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. 

 We ship to you with UPS Express, every Monday - Wednesday. 

Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Ireland, Finland:

Spend 0 - 100 EUR : Shipping 19.99 EUR

Spend 100 EUR : Shipping 9.99 EUR

France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Austria and Greece:

Spend 0 - 100 EUR : Shipping 39.99 EUR

Spend 100 - 250 EUR : Shipping 19.99 EUR

Spend more than 250 EUR : 9.99 EUR

Depending of where you live, it normally takes 1-3 days for UPS to deliver your package to your doorstep. 

Extraordinary Customer Experience: Our 'Life is Too Short' Policy

At Swedishness, we firmly believe that life is too short for anything less than extraordinary. 

Our commitment to you extends beyond just providing quality products - we promise an Extraordinary Customer Experience from beginning to end. Should anything go wrong with your delivery, rest assured that our 'Life is Too Short' policy has you covered. We will refund you right away, no questions asked, because your satisfaction is our paramount concern. 

Over 1800+ Products and Chill, we handle the Cold Stuff too! 

With over 1800+ products and on top we also handle chilled Scandinavian delicacies! 

We've got you covered! 

Your refrigerated favourites are packed and sent flying with UPS Express, fast and with care to ensure they reach you as fresh as they were in Sweden, well almost... 

We ship from South of Sweden

- Team Swedishness