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In Scandinavia, we have a very special relationship with the sea. The love we have for it runs deep and the abundance of coastal resources, coupled with a rich heritage of seafaring and trade, has cultivated a culinary tradition that appreciates the exceptional flavours and versatility of fish and seafood.
This passion extends beyond the plate, encompassing cultural traditions and a steadfast commitment to sustainability. Our deep affection for the sea is a core element of our identity as a people.
In recent times, Scandinavian chefs have elevated traditional seafood dishes to gourmet status around the world and this is very much thanks to the superb quality of the seafood found in the region. With our new fish and seafood collection you too can do just that, be a gourmet chef serving the most delicious plates of fish and seafood to your friends and family.

This is what our customers say about our  new fish and seafood range

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Kalix Löjrom - Gourmet Bundle + Champagne-Swedishness
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Kalix Löjrom - Gourmet Bundle-Swedishness