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Interest in vegetarian and vegan food is growing, and words like flexitarian have become a concept. The reasons for opting out of meat and other foods from the animal kingdom vary and, therefore, there are also many different varieties of vegetarian diets.
Some choose vegetarian/vegan food for environmental or health reasons, others for ethical or religious reasons, others choose it simply because they think it tastes better. Some people eat just a few selected meat-based foods, such as fish or chicken. Others eat dairy products and maybe even eggs. Others may abstain completely from food from the animal kingdom. No matter what you chose to call yourself or what you chose to eat, Scandinavia has some really great vegetarian brands and the market is really booming. So wheter you're veggie, flexie or less-meaty, here are some of the green brands that we have here in the Swedishness shop.


Anamma began their journey more than 20 years ago, long before vegetarian food was on everyone's lips the way it is today. Their philosophy has always been based on vegan food being really good and that it shouldn’t make any difference whether you are vegan or a carnivore. Anamma wants to be there for everyone who wants to make the world a little greener.

There are many who want to eat plant-based food and Anamma simply wants to make this happen. All products from Anamma are always 100% vegan which means that they never use animal ingredients in any of their products.


Oumph! is food from the plant kingdom. Oumph comes in different shapes and forms. Oumph’s business idea is to drastically reduce our climate impact and increase the health of people.

That is why they have developed a range of easy-to-prepare products that are suitable for all food contexts. From unspiced and pre-seasoned pieces to a premium burger, a malleable mince, Italian frozen pizzas, Bangers, Smoky Bits and Oumph! Sticky Smokehouse - currant-like fillets with a smoky BBQ sauce.


Hälsans Kök wants to help the world fall in love with vegetarian products. 

Their passion for plant-based food started as early as 1969 when the founder Erik began to explore how plant-based diets affect our health. He wanted to make it easier for people to eat vegetarian and was convinced that the more people who embraced vegetarian products, the better the world would be. Since then, they have used their love for nature, health, and simple but delicious food, to turn plants into tasty vegan and vegetarian options.

Hälsans Kök knows doesn’t want to stop people from eating meat but instead, they have created a series of tasty herbal products and recipes to make it easier to try vegetarian.


Oatly is a Swedish food manufacturer producing and selling oat-based products that aim to be a healthy and non-animalistic substitute to milk and other dairy products. The company was founded in the 1990s and is currently operating in more than 20 countries in both Europe and Asia. Oatly makes substitutes to milk, yoghurt, sour cream, cream cheese etc and is extremely popular in Sweden where every fifth household has Oatly in their fridge.