As many of you know we offered Kalix löjrom (whitefish roe from Kalix) up until quite recently. The reason why we could no longer offer it is because it has sold out in all of Sweden. It sounds almost unbelievable but we have reached out to suppliers all over Sweden who all confirm that this is the case. However, we are now happy to finally be able to offer you löjrom again. What we can offer you is Bottenvikenrom (whitefish roe from the Bothnian Bay). This quality roe is not sold out yet but is still in limited stock which reflects the price, but nevertheless we are very happy to be able to bring you löjrom again.

It is not a secret that the best roe in the world is found in Bottenviken. Bottenviken roe comes from the same fish as Kalix roe; siklöjan (vendace) and is fished in the same waters as well. It’s like Kalix in taste, size and colour. The main difference is the area were it comes from. The Kalix roe is from Bottenviken as well but needs to come from vendace specifically around the area of Piteå, Luleå, Kalix and Haparanda archipelago. Bottenviken roe is from Kvarken. Kvarken is the narrow region in the Gulf of Bothnia separating the Bothnian Bay from the Bothnian Sea and has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2006. The water depth in the Kvarken region is only around 25 metres and the water is the reason why the roe here is of such excellent quality.

The fishing of Bottenviken roe is done from October to December. In the cold autumn storms, the fishermen set out for their catch with frozen fingers and the cold rain biting in the face. Once the catch is ashore, each female fish has about 15 grams of roe. The roe is then washed, salted and hung. Hard and loving work in extreme conditions is behind this quality roe.

Bottenviken roe can be enjoyed on its own, on toast,  with seafood, with toast Skagen, on a råraka, on flat bread or even with meat. The ways to enjoy it are endless! Löjrom really is a delicacy like no other. We now have containers of 500 gram available here. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do 

Please note that we ship all of our products together - frozen and fresh will be shipped by a cold truck with frozen gel packs. This means that this product will thaw during transportation. Roe can be refrozen again without damaging the quality of the product. Please be aware of the thawing if you order this product. 
In the product labelling it says they don't recommend re-freezing. However, we have talked to the producer, JO Food, regarding if it is possible to refreeze and they told us it's fine to re-freeze, but not more than 20 times. They told us it is just a recommendation.