Karl Fazer chocolate sweetens everyday life with its uniquely rich and velvety smooth taste. The genuine Finnish chocolate is famous for its delicious taste, carefully selected high-quality ingredients and its Fazer blue wrapper, representing Finland.  Karl Fazer, also known as Fazer Blue, is a big part of the Finnish cultural heritage. Fazer is the chocolate that many Finns have grown up with and the reason Finland is full of chocolate lovers.

The bold and unprejudiced Karl Fazer was born in 1866 and was the youngest of the four sons of Dorothea and Eduard Fazer, who had moved to Finland from Switzerland. Karl's father was very much annoyed when his son chose to become a confectioner. He felt that was no way to create any remarkable business at all but sent his son to school for this in St Petersburg anyway which was the best place for future confectioners. At the age of 25, the fully-trained master confectioner Karl Fazer was prepared to show his skills in his home town Helsinki and on September 17, 1891 he established a café that soon became the most popular in the city and the place to be seen. The people of Helsinki absolutely fell in love with the place at once. The café became a meeting place for people from the university located next door, as well as for other townspeople.

In 1894 Fazer started the first confectionery industry in Finland where he worked with twelve men and six women from six in the morning to late at night.
The products won prizes at international exhibitions, which made it possible to start exports and all export goods were proudly marked ‘Made in Finland’.
The rest is history and confectionery operations grew throughout the 20th century. Today, all Fazer's confectionery products are produced in Finland - in Vantaa, Lappeenranta and Karkkila and are exported to over 40 countries.

A fun fact about Fazer is that the most popular Fazer product, the original Fazer Blue chocolate was given to Sven, Karl Fazer's son (who had taken over after his father) from an English machine supplier who had a son in law with a serious eye decease. The son in law was cured by an acquaintance of Sven Fazer and to thank him the supplier gave him a chocolate recipe he had received from a Swizz chocolate master. That recipe became one of the most sold chocolates of all time.

Nowadays Fazer's offering includes quality bakery, confectionery, biscuit and grain products, plant-based meals and non-dairy products, on-the-go food and more. The Fazer legacy definitely lives on and even the Fazer Café that opened its doors for the first time in 1891, serves its customers in the same location, in the heart of downtown Helsinki still do this day.

For all you Fazer fans our there we have created a collection with Fazer products for you to indulge in, and as always, let us know if you're missing something and we'll do our best to add it to the shop.