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Kolsvart - Swedish fish gummies

A decade ago, Kolsvart began as a quest to create the best café in Malmö. Despite the financial challenges and wandering in the dark, a new dream was born. "Kolsvart," meaning pitch black in Swedish, became the symbol of this transformation. The focus shifted from coffee to pure and natural flavors, leading to the birth of Kolsvart, the confectionary company.
The perfect balance of taste, purity, and texture defines Kolsvart Swedish Gummies. They are Made without any artificial additives or colorings, these Swedish fish Gummies are vegan and gluten-free! Kolsvart donates part of their proceeds to promote healthy fish and healthy waters by helping local fisherman implement ethical practices in their trade.
You can explore the delightful taste of Kolsvart Swedish Gummies in different flavours.

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Kolsvart Röding Hallon - Raspberry Candyfish 120 g-Swedishness
SFr. 5.49SFr. 5.49
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Kolsvart Gäddan Fläder - Elderflower Candyfish 120 g-Swedishness
SFr. 3.99SFr. 5.49