1. Next delivery day:  On the home page, we always show the next delivery date and the deadline date and time.
      We batch all the orders into one delivery per week, in order to deliver the best possible service to our customers and at the lowest possible price.
      Deadline date and time: This is the deadline for when you need to enter your order to be able to receive it on the next delivery date.
      Make sure that you are going to be home on the delivery date, especially if you order products that need to be refrigerated.
      2. Order all the products you would like and proceed to checkout.
      3. At the checkout choose the preferred delivery time slots: 
      - Normal - Leave at door, if not home
      4. Pay for your order, you should get a confirmation email of your order. If you don’t receive an email, please check your junk email and contact us at service@swedishness.ch for a new confirmation. 
       If you wish to change or cancel your order, please let us know at service@swedishness.ch
      • Cancel order: We can cancel your order until the Deadline date and time, no questions asked, and we will refund your credit card.
      • Update order and increase number of products: Either let us know or just enter a new order and we will group your orders and refund the extra shipping cost you entered.
      • Update order and decrease number of products: Let us know, this is possible until the Deadline date and time
      5. After Deadline date and time, we consolidate all the orders and order all the products from various food distributers. If there is anything that is out of stock at our suppliers we will refund you for this/these products rather than sending a substitute. After we have received them we pack all the products in a cold room so that everyone receives the right products in their package, and add ice to keep all products at the right temperature.
      6. "Our" delivery truck leaves Sweden on Monday and transports all the packages in 4-6 degrees Celsius to Switzerland.
      7. We declare all the goods by the Swiss boarder and pay the customs tariffs and the VAT, since we include it our prices. Just to give a sense of reference, here are some examples of the tariffs, 23 CHF per kilo Filet of Beef and 6 CHF for Pyttipanna.
      8. The transport arrives in Switzerland in the afternoon the day before Delivery day, at this time they are delivered to Die Post
      9. Die Post guarantuees, based on our agreement with them, that they will deliver on the Delivery day
      10. You receive your order on the Delivery day, based on your delivery option
      11. If when you receive your order something has broken or is spoiled, we will refund you for the broken or spoiled products, just contact us at service@swedishness.ch.