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It's the middle of winter and you're probably reading this in a warm room indoors but don't you miss being outside? Let’s talk about winter picnics. Luckily, you don't have to wait until summer for your next picnic. Going on a winter picnic is a great way to get outside, breathe the fresh air and enjoy a beautiful winter day. One of the best ways to stay warm while exploring your surroundings in winter is to fill a thermos with delicious hot chocolate. A mug of hot chocolate tastes extra good when drunk outside in the middle of a forest in winter. It also brings back some of those heartwarming nostalgic childhood memories for many Scandinavians. Many of us grew up going on winter picnics. No matter how cold it was, if it was a sunny day, you’d go skiing, sledging, ice skating, hiking or just simply playing outside and you would always bring the hot chocolate. Hot chocolate in a thermos is a must on the winter picnic, but you can also drink a cup in the evening. With whipped cream on top, it's almost like a little dessert. No matter the age, most of us have wonderful memories of hot chocolate. It's just as good on the winter picnic as it is on the couch in front of a crackling fire. Why not prepare a mug of hot chocolate for yourself tonight?

Did you know?: The English started drinking hot chocolate with milk in the 18th century, as an after-dinner drink. In Sweden, coffee was preferred in the 18th century, and Carl von Linné noted, among other things, that hot chocolate was best suited for fine ladies.

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