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Wallenbergare is a Swedish dish that consists of ground veal, cream, and egg yolks, formed into a patty and then pan-fried in butter. It is typically served with mashed potatoes, lingonberry jam, and green peas. It's a popular "husmanskost (Swedish home cooked dish). The dish was named after the Swedish family Wallenberg but exactly who remains a bit unclear. There are many theories but that doesn’t change the fact that this is a delicious dish. It is considered a classic dish in Swedish cuisine. It is known for its rich and creamy flavour and is often served on special occasions or as a gourmet dish in restaurants. Let’s cook it, with mashed potatoes and fried butter sauce on the side of course. 

This is what you need for four portions: 500 g minced veal, 3 egg yolks, 1 tsp salt, a little bit of white pepper, 2 dl cream, 1 dl breadcrumbs, 50 g butter. 

For the mashed potatoes: 1 kg potato, 2 dl milk, 25 g butter, a little bit of salt, a little bit of white pepper.

1. Mix minced meat, egg yolks, salt and pepper to a smooth batter - preferably in a food processor. Stir in the cream a little at a time. Shape the mince into 8 patties.

2. Turn the patties in the breadcrumbs and place them on a cutting board to rest for about 5 minutes. Fry the patties in a frying pan with melted butter on low heat for 10-12 min, turning occasionally.

3. Mashed potatoes: Peel and cut the potatoes into smaller pieces. Boil them until soft in lightly salted water for 10–15 min. Pour out the cooking water. Heat the milk with the butter in a saucepan and pour it over the potatoes.

4. Beat the mash really airy with an electric beater. Season with salt and pepper.

5. Browned butter: Brown 200 g butter in a saucepan and melt it over high heat. Continue heating the butter while whisking until it has a golden brown colour and a nutty aroma. It is important to whisk a lot so that milk, sugar and proteins do not burn. Feel free to use a thermometer. The butter is perfectly browned at 125° C.

6. Serve everything on a plate together with green peas and lingonberry jam