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Valborg or Walpurgis Night is a traditional festival that is celebrated in Scandinavia every year on the last of April, which is today. The celebration is one of the most popular and anticipated holidays in Scandinavia as it is a holiday that symbolizes the arrival of spring and “the victory of light over darkness.” It is a day when people gather with family and friends to celebrate and have fun together. Valborg is a holiday that is celebrated in different ways around Scandinavia but no matter where you celebrate, the celebration is usually filled with fires, song and dance. In Sweden and Finland, Valborg is celebrated by lighting May bonfires on the evening of the last of April. Many people gather around the bonfires to sing and dance together. In famous student cities such as Uppsala and Lund in Sweden, Valborg is a big celebration with many activities and events taking place for the whole family. The students in Uppsala gather early in the morning to sing from the balcony of Uppsala Cathedral and then the celebrations continue with a large picnic in the park. In Norway Valborg is celebrated in a similar way but the celebration and the bonfire is called "bålbrenning". This is an old tradition in Norway. Many schools and organisations arrange their own Walpurgis parties and activities, and in some cities large bonfires are lit by the sea. In addition to the celebration around the fire, it is also common to eat good food and drink alcoholic beverages on Valborg Night in Norway. In Denmark, Valborg is also an important holiday, but the celebration is not as big as in Sweden and Finland. Instead of May bonfires, small campfires are lit in gardens and parks around the country. The celebration is usually a smaller family affair with grilled food, song and dance. Although Valborg celebrations differ slightly between the countries in Scandinavia, it is usually filled with fires, songs and dance. The most important thing is that Valborg is a symbol of the arrival of spring and that summer is just around the corner, and what is better than a truly great Scandinavian summer?