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  • SWEEDS COCKTAIL SWEET -  Made into a sweet treat

Flavour is everything, so what can we expect from SWEEDS Cocktail Sweets?

In the heart of Skåne, Sweden, SWEEDS Cocktail Sweets emerged from a harmonious blend of Åsa's love for confectionery and Henrik's appreciation for fine wines and spirits. 

This delectable journey took almost three years, culminating in the creation of four exquisite flavors: Sparkling Wine, Whiskey, Gin, and Sparkling Rosé Wine. 

Every element that goes into SWEEDS Cocktail sweets carries the mark of the region. 

It's not just about creating a sweet treat; it's about crafting an experience that resonates with the essence of the locality.

 The quest for the ideal texture, shape, and ingredient mix led to the creation of Sparkling Wine, Whiskey, Gin, and Sparkling Rosé Wine. 

Explore SWEEDS Cocktail Sweet varieties – a testament to the dedication and joy invested in every sweet.