Skrei Torsk / Skrei Cod - The World’s Most Delicious Cod

Skrei—the Harbinger of Gourmet Spring Foods

Do you go a bit loco from happiness when the first delicacies of spring arrive on your plate? Then you’ll be thrilled to know that Skrei is arriving in Lofoten and we’ve secured some just for you!

If you don’t happen to live in Norway, or aren’t up to date with what’s what in the gourmet food world, you might not have heard of skrei—the cod every foodie wants a bite of. 

So what is skrei? 

Skrei is a term used to describe cod that lives in the northern edge of the Barents Sea and come down to Lofoten to spawn every year some time between January and April. Because the fish swim all the way down to Lofoten through icy cold waters—the perfect climate for a cod—and eat a specific diet based on what’s available in the area, it arrives well fed and toned. The meat has a uniquely delicious taste and is very firm due to the fish being so muscular by the time it arrives in Lofoten. 

In short, skrei are the athletes among the cod—they’re perfectly muscular and eat the best diet known to cod. As a result, the meat they provide is a gourmet affair. 

The Taste of Spring on a Platter

The meat is firm, turning perfectly flaky when cooked. The flavor? Full yet mild and unsurpassed where cod is concerned. Serve with the year’s first asparagus and indulge in thoughts about longer days and warmer weather to come. 

A Sustainably Harvested Delicacy 

Norway’s marine researchers are very strict when it comes to managing the quota of skrei caught every year, so there’s no risk of over harvesting. In fact, Norway is known to have the most sustainably managed cod stock on the planet. 

Order today. Indulge guilt free next week. 

No refined sugar.