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Pucko is something of a Swedish national drink, “en kultdricka” (cult beverage) and an important part of the product collection in any Swedish sausage kiosk. The name in Swedish quite literally means “Idiot” but it actually got its name from the very popular ice cream stick at the time, Chokladpuck, which strangely enough got its name from the Shakespeare fool whose name was…Puck.

The classic Swedish drink made from milk, sugar and chocolate was born in the cream factory in Järlåsa, a small Swedish town with a population of only 500. Pucko did not make much of an impact when it was launched in 1954 and the advertising campaign for the new product was quite modest, but it still quickly became popular. The word “omskakas” (shake before drinking) is often used when marketing the product and one of the most iconic Pucko ads of all time is the one from the 1980’s with the “shaking” Volvo Amazon car. The ad was seen as pioneering and before its time and actually even shocked a lot of people. 

Pucko's distinctive packaging has contributed to its success. The drink is typically sold in small, round bottles with a twist-off cap. The classic design features a white bottle with the Pucko logo prominently displayed, making it instantly recognizable on store shelves.

Over the years, Pucko has solidified its status as a staple in Swedish households. It's a popular choice for breakfast, snacks, and dessert, enjoyed by people of all ages. Its smooth, velvety texture and rich chocolate taste make it a comforting and indulgent treat. While the Pucko original remains a favourite, nowadays we have quite a few Puckos to choose from and there's even Pucko chocolate pudding. Yum!

Pucko is more than just a chocolate drink; it's a symbol of Swedish nostalgia and culinary tradition. With its enduring popularity and innovative variations, Pucko continues to be a delightful part of Swedish culture, offering a sweet taste of the past and the present to its loyal enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

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