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Lofoten is the magnificent Norwegian island group that stretches westward in the Atlantic north of the Arctic Circle. Thanks to the warm Gulf Stream, Lofoten has a significantly milder climate than other parts of the world at the same latitude, such as Alaska and Greenland. This coastal climate on Lofoten means that the winters are mild and the summers relatively cool. 

Lofoten has for many years been one of Norway's most popular destinations, and it is not difficult to understand why, it is simply a magical place. Lofoten has a spectacular archipelago, known for its rich fishing and picturesque fishing villages, astonishing nature with mountains rising straight out of the sea and winding fjords and straits in between. The fantastic nature that frames the area means that this archipelago can offer a wealth of incredible experiences. You can get active with everything from sport fishing at sea to tours in the mountains or along the beach. You can taste delicious fish and seafood dishes, challenge the senses with exciting cultural experiences and visit all the cozy fishing villages. Lofoten simply is magical!