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Today, on February 19, we celebrate a very special day. It is indeed the Day of the Crisp Bread (knäckebrödets dag in Swedish). Crispbread is one of the most beloved food products in Sweden. The Swedes also eat the most crispbread in the entire world (it just makes sense, doesn’t it?) As much as four kilos per person and year at least, which doesn’t even seem that much. I think in our case it’s more like four kilos per month. According to surveys taken by Swedish ex-pats, crispbread is also the Swedish food product that Swedes miss the most when they live abroad. 

Crisp bread come in all forms and colours nowadays but it was originally made with a hole in the middle because it was hung high up in the air on drying rods to keep away from rats snacking on it. The hole is not needed anymore to keep away from rats but it is still kind of charming don't you think?

On Crispbread Day every year, the Crispbread Academy (yes such an academy actually exists and ABBA-Benny is even part of the jury) nominates the best crispbread of the year. The most recent winner was the “Din”-collection from Wasabröd. A lovely crispbread indeed! We have not yet received the news of this year's winner but we will of course update when we know more of this very important news. 

Sale Off
Vika Knäckebröd - Crisp Bread 540 g-Swedishness
SFr. 12.99
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Leksands Fäbodknäcke - Crisp Bread Sourdough 730 g-Swedishness
SFr. 10.99SFr. 10.99
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Pyramidbageriet Spisbröd - Crisp bread 550 g-Swedishness
SFr. 12.99SFr. 12.99
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Wasa Falu Rågrut - Rye Crisp Bread 470 g-Swedishness
SFr. 5.39
Sale Off
Wasa Husman - Rye Crisp Bread 520g-Swedishness
SFr. 7.39
Sale Off
Wasa Sport + - Rye Crisp Bread Sport + 420g-Swedishness
SFr. 6.49