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Kalix löjrom is one of the most beloved delicacies in Sweden and dare we say in the world? It is a frequent addition to special occasions and nicer dinners when you want to celebrate something special or just want to add a bit of extra luxury to life. Even the Swedish royal family has a special love for Kalix löjrom and at the Nobel banquet, when the eyes of the world turn to Sweden, Kalix löjrom is a recurring starter. It is also a very frequent product used by The Swedish National Team of Chefs when competing, and very often winning, competitions in international gastronomy. Let’s take a closer look at how this delicacy is made and where exactly it comes from. 
Kalix löjrom comes from roe from siklöja (vendace fish) which is fished in Bottenviken (the Gulf of Bothnia) off Piteå, Luleå, Kalix and Haparanda in an area that stretches from the mouth of the Torne River in the north to the mouth of the Åby River in the south and no more than four miles from the coast. With no less than eight rivers and several smaller streams opening here, the water is as clean as drinking water.

What characterizes Kalix roe is its taste and unique colour, it is intensely orange, while the roe from lake fish is yellow. A very mild taste of fish oil and salt is also distinctive for this very special type of roe. All steps in the preparation of Kalix roe must be done in this defined geographical area and the fishing is only allowed to be done for four to five weeks staring around September 20 each year. 


The traditional production method also contributes to the excellent reputation of Kalix löjrom. In order to handle the roe in the right way, many years of experience is required, which is part of the local knowledge in these areas.

At dusk, when the fishing boats come ashore, the catch is immediately transported to the processing room where very well trained staff carefully remove the roe with their bare hands. The knowledge of this craft has very often been passed down and it is not rare to see three generations of family in the roe preparation. 

The preparation of Kalix roe consists of several steps: rough rinsing, whipping, straining, drying, salting and fine cleaning. The most critical part of the process is rinsing and cleaning the roe. It is important to thoroughly clean the roe without damaging it. When this is done, the roe is dried and finally salted before freezing. The only additive in Kalix löjrom is 4% salt.


It is well known that Kalix löjrom is a delicacy but did you know that it has the same high status as parmesan cheese and champagne? In 2010 The EU awarded Kalix löjrom the strongest food protection that a product can receive: Protected Designation of Origin. The rules to follow in order to receive this are very strict but in short words in means that: "the product is produced, processed and prepared within a certain defined geographical area using a method characteristic of the area."

Kalix löjrom was the first Swedish product to receive this honourable food protection. The product must also have been produced for at least 30 years. This means that Kalix löjrom has the same high status as world famous products such as parmesan cheese and champagne. 


We are very happy and proud to be able to still offer Kalix löjrom in the shop and to celebrate the new batch of 2022 that has just arrived we are running a special offer. This means that until November 16 you can get Kalix in the shop for 199 CHF instead of 249 CHF🍾

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