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Introducing : Gotlandschips

Chips, the crispy, golden delights that have become a global sensation, have woven their way into the fabric of snacking culture. Whether you prefer the classic salted potato chip or the bold flavor of Truffle & Parmesan,  there's no denying the universal appeal of these bite-sized wonders. Join us on a savory journey as we explore the diverse world of chips, celebrating their history, flavors, and the joy they bring to snack enthusiasts worldwide.

Whether you're hosting a party or indulging in a solo snack session, chips are the ideal partner for a flavorful journey. And now Swedishness would like to introduce you to your new partner in snacking - Gotlandschips! 

The story of chips dates back centuries, with the humble potato chip claiming a particularly interesting origin. Legend has it that in 1853, chef George Crum of Saratoga Springs, New York, created the first-ever potato chips in response to a customer who found his French fries too thick. Thin-sliced and fried to a perfect crisp, these early chips set the stage for a snacking revolution.

While potatoes may be the undisputed champion, the chip world has expanded far beyond the spud. 

The idea behind Gotland chips came in 2018, and only 18 months later the first bags were produced. Within just a few hours of hitting the shelves, the demand for Gotlandschips skyrocketed, creating a sensation that resonated far beyond our wildest expectations. The chips aficionados, having heard whispers of this delectable delight, couldn't resist the allure of the island's newest culinary sensation.

The secret behind the success? Impeccable craftsmanship and a commitment to using the finest locally sourced ingredients. Gotlandschips embodies the spirit of the island, capturing the essence of its unique flavors in every crispy bite. The unmistakable crunch and the symphony of tastes transport chip lovers to a realm of snacking bliss.

So, if you haven't experienced the crunch sensation that has the island buzzing, grab a bag of Gotlandschips today!

Try it yourself! 

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Gotlandschips Havssalt - Sea Salt 180 g-Swedishness
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