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Hot vs. Cold Smoked Salmon

Kungälv Rökeri is our new supplier for Top Quality smoked salmon, both hot and cold. Not sure about the difference between them? Keep reading below!

Hot Smoked Salmon:

Process: Warm smoked salmon, also known as hot smoked, is smoked at higher temperatures, around 49°C to 82°C. This process cooks the fish during smoking and takes a shorter time.

Texture: The higher temperature results in a flakier, more traditionally cooked texture.

Flavor: It has a more pronounced smoky flavor and a richer, often more robust taste.

Usage: Perfect for flaking into pasta, adding to warm dishes, or enjoying as a hearty main course.

Cold Smoked Salmon:

Process: Cold smoked salmon is cured in salt and then smoked at a low temperature, typically not exceeding 30°C. This process can take several days.

Texture:  The low temperature during smoking keeps the salmon soft and silky.

Flavour: It has a delicate, subtly smoky flavour, complemented by the natural taste of the salmon.

Usage: Often served thinly sliced, it's ideal for dishes like bagels with cream cheese, salads, or as part of a charcuterie board.

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BD Fisk Kalix löjrom - Roe from Kalix 500 g-Swedishness
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Färö Lax - Salmon Fillet, appr 500g-Swedishness
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Norsk Hälleflundra - Halibut, appr 500g-Swedishness
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Norsk Torsk Rygg - Cod Loin, appr 500g-Swedishness
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Tuna Steaks - 500g-Swedishness
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