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Dalarna county, nestled in central Sweden, leaves little to be desired. Here you will stumble upon natural beauty with every step. Breath-taking forests, mighty lakes, mountains and flower meadows in the summer. And in the winter, when it’s all covered with white snow, you get an amazing landscape for great skiing and skating. If that isn't enough, two of Sweden’s most iconic symbols come from Dalarna: the Dala horse of course but also the unmistakably Swedish red colour called  “Falu Rödfärg” (Falu Red Colour) that adorns cottages across the country and depicts many postcards of Sweden. 

The word "Dalarna" means "the dales" (valleys). The area is a common holiday destination for Swedes from the south, who often travel there in the summer, drawn by its fishing lakes, campgrounds, and forests. In mid-June, midsummer celebrations and dances are held in many of the small villages and in the larger cities and therefore Dalarna is a perfect place to go if you want to experience a traditional Swedish midsummer celebration. Come June, join Swedes from across the country and head to Tällberg, Rättvik or Leksand, these are all idyllic spots known for their wonderfully authentic midsummer activities.