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Carbon Offset Projects for September-December

Carbon offsetting for the months of September-December. We had 15 deliveries to offset for September until including end of December, each producing close to 2 tons of CO2 emissions, so we offset 30 tons on the 400MW Solar Power Project at Bhadla, Rajasthan, India. In addition, we are enrolled on a monthly subscription to remove 100 kg CO2 directly from the air with the Swiss company Climeworks.

Solar power has a low impact on the environment, doesn't need to be transported and a low water-consumption footprint. That's why we love it so much!

400MW Solar Power Project at Bhadla, Rajasthan, India

The project activity generates electricity using renewable solar energy. The generated electricity is exported to the regional grid system, which is under the purview of the INDIAN electricity grid of India. The project activity reduces anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases estimated to be approximately 694,471 tCO2e per year, thereon replacing 732,874 MWh/year amount of electricity with renewable energy. The project diversifies the mix of power plants connected to the INDIAN GRID, which is mainly dominated by thermal/fossil-fuel based power plants.

Project impacts and benefits:

During the current monitoring period, SB Energy has conducted 27 training sessions to educate and build capacity, including:

Awareness training on Tobacco day, to increase understanding of the impact tobacco has on cardiovascular health and the feasible actions that the public can take to reduce the risks to heart health posed by tobacco. "Cardiovascular diseases (CVD), including stroke, are the world’s leading causes of death, and tobacco use is the second leading cause of CVDs"

Firefighting Drill Training, to review the emergency preparedness plan of the organization and evaluate standard operating procedures, so that concerned persons would deliver their duties effectively while keeping in cognizance of life and property. If the employees and concerned stakeholders are trained, then the response during emergency would be smooth and effective.

Medical camps encouraged the use of available nutritious food products in the area. This activity was organized with the aim to improve the nutritional status of the population and especially targeted families. The food-preparation based nutrition approach was undertaken to create awareness to enhance consumption of nutritionally rich fruits, vegetables and ingredients. The team members made a comprehensive presentation to promote and emphasize the importance of dietary variety in order to improve the nutritional quality of their diet and to increase knowledge and education on food preparation.

No. of employment opportunities created: 10

Street lights were installed by Soft Bank in the vicinity to contribute to road safety.


Direct air capture to help reverse climate change

How is carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere? One of the key ways to stop global warming is through direct air capture technology

Climeworks develops, builds and operates direct air capture machines

Climeworks technology, Climeworks capture carbon dioxide directly from the air; removing unavoidable and historic CO₂ emissions. The air-captured carbon dioxide can either be recycled and used as a raw material, or completely removed from the air by safely storing it. Direct air capture, therefore, is one of the key ways to stop global warming by reducing the amount of potentially harmful CO₂ in the Earth’s atmosphere.