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Blossa 23: Celebrating two decades of mulled magic

Blossa glögg is an established and much loved Swedish Christmas tradition and the Christmas table isn't complete without at least one bottle of this tasty Swedish version of mulled wine. Two decades ago, Blossa introduced its first annual limited glögg and every year the bottle is carefully adorned with a distinct, fresh design, elevating them into coveted collector's items. Recent expeditions have taken Blossa to far-flung destinations like Hawaii, Italy, and India. This year, Blossa is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its limited edition annual glögg and they’re doing so by paying tribute to the place where it all began, Gamla Stan in Stockholm. This is the place where the very first Blossa bottle was filled over 100 years ago and it is synonymous with Christmas spirit and holiday cheer. Blossa 23 is paying tribute to this beautiful place but also to the glöggmaker's rich history of craftsmanship. The anniversary edition is a strong mulled wine with a taste of fresh raspberries and floral hops. An added unique characteristic of the 20th-anniversary bottle is that the bottle literally lights up the winter darkness. Turn off the lights, and you'll see!