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We're excited to introduce you to Björk & Magnusson, a trusted distributor with a remarkable legacy dating back to 1878. For over 140 years, they've been synonymous with quality and taste in the seafood industry.

At Björk & Magnusson, their commitment is unwavering — to provide an extensive range of top-tier seafood products. They source their offerings from various corners of the world, importing from diverse countries. 

Their selection includes everything from whole fish to cleaned and filleted options, an assortment of seafood, smoked delicacies, pickled specialties, and an array of roe.

With their vast experience, Björk & Magnusson understands that maintaining the highest standards requires rigorous and continual oversight. This commitment to excellence has earned them certifications in accordance with ISO 22000, ASC, and MSC standards.

ISO 22000: ISO 22000 is an international food safety management standard that sets guidelines for ensuring the safety and quality of food products throughout the supply chain.

ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council): ASC is a certification program and standard for responsible and sustainable aquaculture practices, ensuring that farmed seafood meets specific environmental and social criteria.

MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) standards: MSC is a certification and labeling program that promotes sustainable and well-managed fisheries by setting criteria for the responsible harvesting of seafood from the world's oceans.