Easter Blogs


It is said that people in the Western World eat six millions eggs per hour just on Easter Saturday and only in Sweden 4000 tonnes of eggs are eaten during Easter week. We hope none of you is suffering from “egg hangover” today, if there is such a thing? But why do we eat such large quantities of eggs during Easter? You could say that there are two reasons..


It’s not a secret that one of our favourite Swedish products is Kalix löjrom. We simply love everything about it. The texture, the colour, the history, everything. Since we’re on the subject of eggs, why not make something with löjrom and eggs this week? This dish is so simple, yet so delicious! The best part is that it doesn’t have to be Easter to eat this special egg, you can eat it for any and every occasion. This is what we call a truly golden egg. 


SILL SEASON IS BACK SWEDISH HERRING Herring, once considered “poor man's food”, is now one of the most popular Swedish delicatessens and has become a must-have dish at the Easter, Midsummer and Christmas table
SCANDINAVIAN EASTER It's all about the food Easter in Scandinavia is like in many other countries, a big celebration that includes the death and resurrection of Jesus but also the Easter bunny, children dressed up as witches, schnapps, chocolates and candy. The most important part, however and the very centre of Easter