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This year's choice:

Marcus Crayfish - A Culinary Treasure from Sweden

We're thrilled to bring back the Marcus Crayfish, a Signalkräfta, a delicacy that carries with it a rich heritage from Väderstad, Sweden. Chosen year after year by us, due to overwhelming positive reviews and their unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability.


Marcus Crayfish is not just a product - it's an experience.

These crayfish, prepared meticulously through a recipe passed down through three generations, create a harmonious blend of saltiness and dill, a taste that's simply out of this world. Grandma Karin's secret recipe, executed with unmatched precision, promises an unforgettable flavor in each bite.

Sourced from the pristine waters of Vättern and Boren, by professional fishermen and private landowners, every crayfish is a testament to the commitment of the suppliers, who shares Marcus Crayfish's vision of unmatched quality and sustainable practices. Rigorous selection and inspection methods ensure that each crayfish brings the exceptional Marcus Crayfish taste to your table.


Marcus Crayfish don't just stand out for their taste. Their unwavering dedication to sustainability and ethical fishing practices makes them a brand we're proud to be associate with.

These crayfish aren't just fished; they're harvested responsibly, ensuring we preserve the ecosystems they come from.

Experience the tradition, the craftsmanship, and the unparalleled flavor that is Marcus Crayfish - a true gastronomic gem from Sweden.


Join us in celebrating this culinary treasure. Order yours today and embark on an unmatched seafood journey while also supporting sustainable fishing practices!