Fresh Frozen Fish & Seafood: The Guarantee of Ultimate Quality

Finding truly fresh fish seafood can be extremely challenging. Countries like Switzerland have always had a problem offering fresh fish and seafood due to its geographical limitations. For fish to be considered truly fresh, it should be consumed within 24 hours after being caught. However, in most cases, it already takes more than one day for the fish to return from the ship to land. This makes it impossible for the fish to arrive truly fresh at any grocery shop. The truth is that all fish and seafood sold at even the best grocery stores have been previously frozen and defrosted, sometimes even twice - once as whole fish then defrosted for processing, then frozen again as fillets.

For us, this is not fresh, even less, quality.

As true lovers of seafood, we were committed to finding a solution.

We are now proud to announce we have partnered with a reputable supplier - with a legacy of over 140 years - to bring the absolute premium fish and seafood from Scandinavia and the worldBjörk & Magnusson are nothing short than experts with an unwavering commitment to quality. And one of the secrets to ensure the ultimate quality is "Fresh frozen": seafood that has been impeccably frozen right after being caught.

You can find more about Björk & Magnusson in our Blog post here.

Fresh Frozen: How Does it Work?

As soon as the fish and seafood are harvested, they are immediately processed and frozen at ultra-low temperatures, ensuring maximum freshness, flavor, texture and nutritional value. This quick-freeze technology preserves the seafood's cellular structure, preventing the formation of large ice crystals that can affect the texture and taste, delivering the ultimate quality.

This innovative approach to seafood preservation is nothing short of a revolution. 

Fresh frozen seafood is all about capturing the ocean's freshness and locking it in until the moment it graces your plate. 

What We Offer: Premium Fish & Seafood for the Absolute Best Price

Our commitment is to provide our customers a truly delightful and affordable experience.

Our selection was curated to bring only the best of the best fish and seafood and sell them at fair prices.

Order and Shipping: Frozen items to your doorstep

Once you select any product from our Premium Fish & Seafood range, a "Frozen Supplement" of CHF4.99 will be added to your cart to cover the extra packaging costs: 

Your products will be transported in specialized refrigerated trucks and packed in a styrofoam box (frigolitlåda) with ice packs. This insures the goods will be delivered frozen. Each box fits up to 5kgs of products.

Our Range: Premium Seafood & Fish