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Make your own Candy-Filled Piñata for your Crayfish Party

If you're planning to host a delightful outdoor gathering with family and friends, why not add an extra touch of fun and excitement with a DIY piñata? 

A candy-filled piñata can be a perfect addition to your Swedish Crayfish Party, and the best part is, it's easy to make! 

Follow these five easy steps to create your own piñata, and get ready for a day of joy, laughter, and mouthwatering crayfish!

 ⚠️ Friendly Warning! Make sure to avoid any unintentional accidents by keeping a safe distance and playing the piñata before getting too many rounds of snaps ; )

DIY Piñata:

You will need:

1. Cardboard box or cereal box

2. Crepe paper or tissue paper of your desired color

3. Scissors

4. Glue (a glue gun will be more efficient)

5. String or ribbon

6. Swedish Candy!! Lots of them!!!

Optional: Paint, markers, or stickers with Swedish motifs for decorating


1. Start by designing your desired piñata shape to the cardboard. Cut out two identical pieces of your shape.

2. Place the two shapes on top of each other and attach them with cardboard strips on the sides, using plenty of masking tape. Leave a flap open and untaped at the top.

3. Decorate your piñata! Cut the crepe paper or tissue paper into strips. Start from the bottom of your piñata, gluing one strip at a time, alternating between colors, and slightly overlapping each layer to cover the entire surface.

4. When you’ve covered the piñata, cut small holes on the open flap at the top, and corresponding holes on the top in a section that is taped down. Take a sturdy piece of string or ribbon, and make a loop, knotting the ends together. 

5. Use the open flap to get your Swedish candies inside! Make sure to have plenty of them!! 😋 You can find an assortment of them in our shop!

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