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Åland is a self-governing region that consists of over 6700 islands located in the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland and although the region consists of thousands of islands, the current population of over 30 000 live on only 60 of these islands. It is a mesmerising place known for its beautiful archipelago and its unique culture. It is one of the smallest regions in Finland but also one of the most distinctive.

Åland has a long and complex history, which has been influenced by its strategic geographical location between Sweden and Finland. The region has been inhabited since the Stone Age, and has since been occupied and controlled by several different powers. After Finland became independent in 1917, a dispute arose between Sweden and Finland over which nation would have control over Åland. The solution was that Åland would have a special self-governing position within Finland, with the right to use Swedish as an official language. This was an important step in preserving Åland's cultural identity and independence.

The capital of Åland is called Mariehamn, which is a small town with a population of just around 11,000 people. Despite its small size, there is much to see and do in Mariehamn and it’s known for its many museums, including the Åland Maritime Museum and the Åland Cultural History Museum.

One of the most popular activities on Åland is cycling. There are a variety of cycle routes that lead you through the islands' beautiful scenery and give you the opportunity to discover all that the region has to offer.

Åland is a unique and beautiful region with a rich culture and history and is very popular with tourists due to its stunning archipelago, rich cultural heritage and beautiful natural scenery. With a variety of activities and sights to explore, it's truly a destination well worth a visit.